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House of Mythology is a fiercely independent British record label specializing in qualitative boundary-bursting electronic, rock, pop, avant-garde and experimental music. The label has released recordings from Alora Crucible, Zu, Ulver, Teleplasmiste, Current 93, Michael Cashmore, David Tibet, Stian Westerhus, Laniakea, The Stargazer's Assistant, Hypnopazūzu, Michael Cashmore and more. House of Mythology seeks to maintain a strong, holistic visual aesthetic with a particular focus on LP releases. We believe it is crucial to provide a substantial context in this era of instant superficial gratification. Therefore, we hope to make it clear that each of our releases results from a long strenuous process, both personally and artistically.

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SPKR ist ein vielfältiges, unabhängiges Medienunternehmen, das sich auf die Entdeckung und Vervielfältigung, den Vertrieb und die Präsentation hochwertiger Musik und Kunst versteht.