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Current 93 - Nature Unveiled MC

01.12.2021 Art. Nr.: HOMALEPHMC01 House Of Mythology
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This release will be the first time Nature Unveiled has been available on cassette since 1986. Our first edition of 333 copies come housed in a solid red case with a clear front with transparent dark red, professionally-manufactured, cassettes plus a full-colour two-sided j-card, one side of which reproduces the original insert from the 1984 vinyl release. The cassette is then inserted into a manilla O-card which is HandStamped with a C93 logo. The cassette includes all the tracks that were on the expanded 1992 Durtro CD edition, and has been ecstatically remastered for cassette by The Bricoleur / Bladud Flies!.

Each cassette comes with three cards featuring 4 rare C93 sticker designs from the same era, one of which—MALDOROR IS DEAD—is signed by David Tibet.

This item is not available from us at www.DavidTibet.com.

The TrackListing is:

I: Ach Golgotha (Maldoror Is Dead)
II: The Mystical Body Of Christ in Chorazin (The Great In The Small)
III: No Hiding From The Blackbird
IV: The Burial Of The Sardine - Nurse With Wound
VI: Salt
VII: Caresse
VIII: Maldoror Rising (Live In Amsterdam 1984)
IX: Maldoror Falling (Live In Brighton 1984) - Dogs Blood Order

Tracks I and II were first released as “Nature Unveiled” (LAYLAH LAY 4, 1984). Tracks III and IV were first released as a 2-sided 7” single that came with the first 1,000 copies of “Nature Unveiled”. Tracks V, VI, and VII were first released as ”LAShTAL” (LAYLAH LAY 1, 1983). Tracks VIII and IX were released as bootlegs in 1985.

Release date: 01/12/21

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